• Expertise

    I work as a Digital Strategist for Kuble AG, an agency from Zurich, Switzerland. Take a look at my areas of expertise which I'm using for client projects as well as our own products.

    Content Marketing

    As a former journalist I know how to tell stories. Content for the social web needs to be topical, useful and entertaining in order to fuel meaningful conversations.

    Community Management

    The social web is all about conversations. I'm used to standing in the middle so that brands, products, people and ideas are both visible and credible.

    Data Analysis

    Statistics has been an integral part of my studies in Sociology and Economics. This background helps me to collect, analyze and interpret data from the social web.

    Business Development

    My entrepreneurial mind facilitates discussions with existing or prospective clients. For me these relationships are as much about business as they are about sharing a vision.

    Multicultural Mindset

    I grew up speaking German as well as Italian. Today I'm learning Chinese for four years, I lived and worked in Kenya for one year and I'm working between Switzerland and Argentina every day.

  • Opinion


    For the Swiss television I was interviewed about political influencers and the dependencies between their activities and impact. A Chinese version was later published by swissinfo. Watch video (in German)...

    MIT Technology Review

    This article describes the arrival of low-cost Chinese smart phones in East Africa. I was interviewed because of my work with mobile apps for agricultural purposes in Kenya. Read more...

    Neue Zürcher Zeitung

    We are well versed with Klout data at Kuble AG. For this article I contributed some insights regarding the use of Klout in order to measure influence among politicians in the Swiss parliament. Read more (in German)...


    Themenpuls.ch is a monitoring tool which Kuble AG developed together with Farner. Daniel Jörg from Farner and I were interviewed when we launched. Read more (in German)...

    Marketing & Kommunikation

    For this article I was interviewed in order to assess how social media is used and could be used in the Swiss media industry. Read more (in German)...


    Using data from Kuble AG, Daniel Graf analyzed the campaigns for the general elections in Switzerland. The article includes my views and observations as well. Read more (in German)...

    PUNKT Magazin

    In the business magazine's special edition ahead of the general elections in Switzerland, I was quoted in an article which assessed the potential of social media in politics.


    In an article about influencers in Switzerland, I contributed my opinion with regard to success factors, measurement and relevance of influence in the social web. Read more (in German)...


    I was invited in order to co-host a webinar about Data-Driven Content Marketing. Ahead of the online presentation and discussion, I have written a blog post about my expertise and experiences. Read more (in German)...

  • Writing

    Strategy? Startegy!

    It's only three characters which could be positioned differently in order to lead from the strategy directly to the start. However, when it comes to social media, the transition from strategic thoughts to daily operations is much longer and more difficult.

    Thought Leadership

    At the Monitoring-Forum in Munich, on the 7th December 2016, I was invited to speak about the identification and analysis of thought leaders for influencer marketing. It's a strategic approach which positions the employees of the company as key influencers.

    What I learned at TealCamp Switzerland

    I attended the first TealCamp Switzerland which took place on the 11th and 12th November 2016 in Thun. The event was organized in the barcamp style, i.e. the sessions were based on inputs from the participants and there was no fixed programme beforehand. What made me curious nevertheless was the overall topic: The future of work.

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  • Teaching

    SOMEXCLOUD Social Media Akademie

    • Content Strategy
    • Content Production
    • Mobile Content

    Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich

    • CAS Multichannel Management
    • CAS Digital Finance
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  • 中文

    我学汉语已经有四年了并且拥有汉语水平考试 3 级证书。我对汉语的兴趣主要是因为我的多文化思维模式和中国在我们生活中无处不在的影响。通过学习这门语言,我尝试去了解在文化、经济和政治上正在发生什么。我热切的希望能同志趣相投的人分享并进一步培养这种了解。